GSGCF Board of Directors

GSGCF Board of Directors


Officers of the Board of Directors

Ann Carrasquillo, President  —  South Central Region

Stacey Carbone-DeLoynes, First Vice President  —  Northern Region

Christine Yekel, Second Vice President  —  Northern Region


Richard Cyphers, Secretary  —  North Central Region

Susan R. Stewart, Chief Executive Officer  —  All Regions


Members at Large

LaTasha Armstead  —  South Central Region

Marilyn Arnall  —  North Central Region

Carie Call — South Central Region

Bonny Eads Dery  —  Southern Region

Rae Dowling  —  Northern Region     

Cecelia (Cheech) Hill  —  Central Region

Tracy Lux  —  North Central Region

Colleen McGue  —  North Central Region

Juliana Meek  —  Southern Region

Beatriz Paniego-Béjar  —  North Central Region


Board Development Committee

Reneé Armstrong  —  South Central Region

Bonny Eads Dery - Southern Region

Rae Dowling — Northern Region

Violeta Huesman  —  North Central Region

Lori Jackson — South Central Region

Juliana Meek — Southern Region


Girl Representatives

Raven Peters, Girl Scout Ambassador - Northern Region

Noel Turner, Girl Scout Ambassador - North Central Region