action rally

action rally


November 23, 2013

Dear delegates and alternate delegates,

Thanks for your time and talent at the ACTION Rally on November 23!

Each year, the (volunteer) region chairs and members of the Corporation Team, and (volunteer) members of the Board of Directors and staff, join together to deliver an inspirational and educational day.  Delegates are able to better understand their position description, interact about key issues impacting our council during Region Time, learn more about our board and governance topics, and come together as one council. Summary of region time groups and ACTION Rally evaluations are located to the right.

Remember we are all one council: Girl Scouts, volunteers, members, board, and staff.

I encourage each of you to work with your service unit leadership team to set a time for a regular delegate report at each service unit meeting. Share what you have learned with a message to volunteers and girls that we are greater as one unified movement. Support members of the service unit to become active as a delegate, participate in our democratic process and advocate for girls.  Our democratic process ensures that all members have a voice.

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Sue Stewart, CEO, Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida, Inc.


CEO's ACTION Rally Presentation
ACTION Rally Evaluation Summary
National Delegate Application and
Position Description