the girl scout leadership experience

the girl scout leadership experience


A girl DISCOVERS her special skills and talents, finds the confidence to set challenging goals for herself and strives to live by her values. This includes being proud of where she came from as well as where she's going.

A girl CONNECTS with others, which means she learns how to team up, solve conflicts, and have healthy relationships. These skills help her in school right now and prepare her for any career or life journey she chooses in the future.

A girl TAKES ACTION and makes the world a better place, learning a lot about her community and the world along the way.

The National Program Portfolio

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is brought to life through Journeys and The Girls Guide to Girls Scouting.

Journeys - books, awards and resource materials designed specifically to appeal to girls in grades K-12. Each Girl Scout Leadership Journey consists of six books, one for each Girl Scout grade level.

  • It’s Your World - Change It! Engages girls in a critical thinking process related to identifying and researching issues they care about.
  • It’s Your Planet - Love It! Engages girls in exploring the wonders of the natural world.
  • It’s Your Story - Tell It! Engages girls in storytelling and creative expression.

The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting is the new guide for girls. It consists of grade appropriate badges and activities that offer girls the opportunity to build specific skills to become more confident and develop a strong sense of self.

The Girl Scout Leadership Journeys and The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting are the foundation upon which girls develop leadership.


15 Outcomes of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience


  1. Girls develop a strong sense of self.
  2. Girls develop positive values.
  3. Girls gain practical life skills.
  4. Girls seek challenges in the world.
  5. Girls develop critical thinking.

CONNECT (with others)

  1. Girls develop healthy relationships.
  2. Girls promote cooperation and team building.
  3. Girls can resolve conflicts.
  4. Girls advance diversity in a multicultural world.
  5. Girls feel connected to their communities, locally and globally.

TAKE ACTION (service)

  1. Girls can identify community needs.
  2. Girls are resourceful problem solvers.
  3. Girls advocate for themselves and others, locally and globally.
  4. Girls educate and inspire others to act.
  5. Girls feel empowered to make a difference in the world.