Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients

The Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award that Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can earn.  A project must involve a minimum of 80 hours and include the following steps: identifying an issue, investigating it thoroughly, getting help and building a team, creating a plan, presenting the plan, gathering feedback, taking action, and educating and inspiring others.  It is more than just a good service project – it encompasses organizational, leadership, and networking skills. The following are the projects of the girls who most recently have earned the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Kimberly B

Kimberly B. - Gardening for You and Me
Kimberly is from Lee County and attends Florida SouthWestern State College.

An avid gardener from a young age, Kimberly wanted to share her passion for growing food and flowers as the focus of her Gold Award. When she realized there was an abandoned planting bed at her school, she formulated a sustainable project that involved ESE students and their teachers in the creation and maintenance of a flourishing garden. The project helped beautify the campus while providing nutritious homegrown food and promoting healthier eating habits.

“From this project, I learned how important a leader’s role is. I developed communication, strategic decision making, self-motivation, and time management skills.”


Jade F

Jade F. - Growing Strong STEMs
Jade is from Sarasota County and attends Pine View School.

As a future college student with plans to major in physics and planetary science, Jade has a true passion for science, technology, engineering, and math-related fields. Recognizing the underrepresentation of low-income students in STEM fields nationwide, Jade developed a mentoring program and after-school workshop series to introduce students to STEM in a relatable and exciting way. Participants learn about robotics, create their own mini-motor, gain experience with CorelDRAW software, and develop a newfound appreciation for technology. Jade hopes to expand the program into lower-income areas of Boston, where she will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall.

“I realized my own love of teaching and the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives. I feel that I can make a difference in the world and I am more confident in my abilities.” 


Nicole H

Nicole H. - A Meaningful Visit
Nicole is from Lee County and attends Bishop Verot High School.

Nicole discovered a hidden need in her community after touring the Family Visitation Room at the Department of Children and Families in Fort Myers. With donations of books, toys, art supplies, board games, a cheerful coat of paint, and her own original artwork, Nicole transformed the bare, unwelcoming room into a pleasant space where families could play, read, and color while they enjoy their time together. Her goal was to facilitate enriched interactions between children and parents, resulting in more relaxing, meaningful family visits.

“This project taught me that I need to continue advocating and leading in things that matter. I will educate others and encourage them to do the same.”


Sarah K

Sarah K. - See a Need, Take the Lead
Sarah is from Lee County and attends Florida SouthWestern State College.

With her Gold Award project, Sarah wanted to inspire more young people to identify needs in their communities and take action to address them. Leading by example, Sarah took on the daunting task of rehabilitating the outside of the Florida Baptist Children’s Home in Fort Myers. She chronicled her journey in a blog, showing how persistence and dedication to a cause can make an important, positive impact on the lives of others.

“If you set challenging yet reasonable goals for yourself and are willing to put in the time and effort, no matter who you are, you can make a difference.”



Shreya M. - STEAM Pergola
Shreya is from Collier County and attends University of Central Florida.

After visiting the Happehatchee Center in Estero with her Girl Scout troop, Shreya saw an opportunity to enhance the facility by constructing an outdoor pergola where students could experience activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM). She hopes that the enriched learning environment will help increase students’ self-esteem while creating a positive attitude toward STEAM studies. As part of her long-term plan for the structure, Shreya encourages other Girl Scouts to help maintain, update, and make improvements to the pergola by adding more seating, tables, and storage for program supplies.

 “I learned that a project like this takes a lot of planning, perseverance, and commitment. It helped me develop my communication and leadership skills.”


Brittany N

Brittany N. - Out & About!
Brittany is from Lee County and attends Florida Gulf Coast University.

After discovering that a local park was in desperate need of repairs and renovations, Brittany decided to take on the challenge of addressing these pressing safety issues. Enlisting the help of volunteers, Brittany lead the project, which focused primarily on repairing and repainting playground equipment and benches throughout the park. Brittany hopes that, with a safer and more attractive place to play, children will be more apt to put down their electronic devices and get outside to enjoy the beautiful facility they are blessed to have in their own neighborhood.

“Because this project was so successful, I am more confident. My leadership skills will continue to grow as I take on more projects that benefit the community.”


Samantha S

Samantha S. - The Moo Point
Samantha is from Sarasota County and attends Craven College.

As an active participant in FFA and 4-H, Samantha had the opportunity to earn money by raising a dairy calf. For her Gold Award project, she shared her experience with younger Girl Scouts and 4-H members, teaching them about the industry while showing them how they, too, can participate in it. Samantha developed and presented a workshop, introducing participants to the reproductive cycle of dairy cows and the resources that go into producing milk. She also worked directly with interested students to teach them about the expenses associated with raising a dairy calf. Samantha hopes that more young people will be inspired to become involved in livestock projects.

“Because of this project, I am more outspoken than I was before. I will take this experience and move on to college knowing I can make a difference in my world one day at a time.”


Kiarra W

Kiarra W. - SPECTRUM: Diversity Leadership Club
Kiarra is from Sarasota County and attends The Out-of-Door Academy.

Kiarra has a passion for promoting the understanding and celebration of diverse cultures and lifestyles. After attending the national Student Diversity Leadership Conference with students from across the country, she was inspired to organize the SPECTRUM: Diversity Leadership Club at her school. The club’s purpose is to create a more inclusionary environment within the school, lessening cultural disparities and encouraging empathy and acceptance. Members participate in weekly discussion-based meetings and sponsor events that introduce students to a variety of cultures and topics related to diversity.

“My unique experience and newfound passion for philanthropy, combined with my dedication to learning about diversity, are what have fueled my drive and focus in accomplishing my project goal.”


Cynthia Y

Cynthia Y. - Caps 4 Kids
Cynthia is from Lee County and attends South Fort Myers High School.

For her Gold Award project, Cynthia sought to address the need for more outdoor playground equipment in her community. After discovering that cost is the most common barrier to creating safe, outdoor play spaces, Cynthia learned of a program in which plastic screw-on caps are collected and used to manufacture playground components. She enlisted the help of others to promote the project, establish multiple cap collection sites, and deliver the caps to the sponsoring organization. Cynthia hopes to inspire other girls like her with Autism to set big goals and overcome their unique challenges to achieve them.

“This project gave me the determination to branch out to others. I learned that if I put my mind to something I can accomplish anything that comes my way.”


Courtney Z

Courtney Z. - Stress Less
Courtney is from Manatee County and attends Manatee High School.

Recognizing the increasing academic and social pressure experienced by girls in grades 4 through 8, Courtney developed a workshop to share techniques for preventing and overcoming stress. The workshop covers topics such as planning ahead, maintaining a calendar, staying active, and getting adequate rest. Courtney also encourages participants to enjoy relaxing activities such as yoga, crocheting, and listening to music. She created an Instagram account for the project to offer positive, productive ways of dealing with stress.

“Because of my project, I will have the leadership and organizational skills to help me succeed and feel confident in taking on more opportunities in college and beyond.”