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Board of Directors 2017

Board of Directors

Officers of the Board of Directors
Rae Dowling, President
Richard Cyphers, Vice President
Carol Fan, Treasurer
Juliana Meek, Secretary

Members at Large
Julian Agollari
Marilyn Arnall
Dr. Bonny Eads Dery
Ashley Harris
Karen Huebner
LaShondia Kendrick
Mary Fabre LeVine, Esq
Mary Lifland, CPA
Christina "Tina" Ottman
Sharon Preston-Folta
Angela Smith
Christine Yekel, CPA

Girl Representatives
Julie P.
Hannah S.

The Board of Directors of Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida, Inc. is composed of community members with a variety of skills and perspectives. Members represent a range of ages and reflect the racial, ethnic, religious, and other diverse demographics present within the council's geographic area. These individuals do not act as advocates for a particular constituency group, but are responsible for making decisions that will best serve the needs of the total council.

The Board Development Committee seeks a talented, diverse pool of candidates aligned with our key strategic priorities: Volunteerism, Funding, Pathways & Outcomes, Marketing, and Technology.