In a country as diverse as the United States of America, it's rare to find something a lot of us have in common but can you guess what 50 million women across the country do have in common? They have all benefitted from the nation's premier leadership program for girls ... Girl Scouts.

It seems as if everywhere you turn, you meet women excited to share their memories as a Girl Scout. Whether it's a fond reflection of their time at camp, a friendship formed fifty years ago that is as strong today is it was then, or the recent memory of a college student whose passion was ignited as a Girl Scout -- the stories are everywhere.

Studies show that Girl Scout alumnae are women of courage, confidence and character, who are making the world a better place right now. They are in your community and are teachers, mothers, business executives, and scientists who credit Girl Scouting as the place where they found their voice. These women recognize that Girl Scouting helped make them who they are today.

The Girl Scout Alumnae Association brings these women together and continues the positive impact of Girl Scouting by encouraging new volunteers, promoting business and social opportunities among alumnae, and increasing financial and human resources.


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Anna Maria Chávez and
GSGCF Girl Scout Ambassadors