junior sales specialist

junior sales specialist


The Junior Sales Specialist program will introduce girls to the job application process and then to retailing basics.  Participants will learn the importance of the job application, resume, and cover letter.  They will also discover how their Girl Scout experience can positively impact their job search process.  They will participate in “mock” job interviews and receive pointers on how to make their interview impactful.

The program will introduce participants to the basic duties and responsibilities of operating a retail business.  All participants will receive register training and gain experience in inventory management, merchandise selection and presentation, cash management, and the importance of Customer Service.

At the end of training, participants will receive a certificate of completion and their Junior Sales Specialist Badge.   As a Junior Sales Specialist, they will be trained to actually run their Girl Scout shop.  They will be trained to open the shop and function as part of the management team.  They will be supported by council staff as needed.

Once a Junior Sales Specialist, girls may volunteer in our shop, assist with Traveling Shops and be shop support at special events, as their schedules permit.  They may also use this experience to gain Community Service hours for school.  For more information, Please contact: Cathy Brown, Shop Manager: 941-921-5358, ext. 313 or 800-232-4475 ext. 313, or cathyb@gsgcf.org


Once we receive the application and cover letter, we will review and contact the applicant for an interview. After the interview, the applicant will be contacted with open slots for upcoming training dates. It is the applicant's responsibility to select training dates that work with their schedule, contact the shop manager to reserve training slot and to attend training sessions.