how can parents help

how can parents help


Get Involved in the Leadership Experience!

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is designed to give girls different learning experiences by participating in one of the Journey Programs and other fun activities.


Girl Scouts offers girls the opportunity to take pride in their accomplishments and the awards they will earn. Parents and families can support their daughters’ participation in Girl Scouting by gaining a better understanding of how their involvement can benefit their daughter’s experience. Parent/guardian support at any level is an opportunity to learn together and have fun.

Parent Involvement at the Troop/Group Level

You can make a great impact in your daughter’s Girl Scout experience simply by volunteering with her troop for as little as one hour per month by:

  • Providing transportation for troop trips
  • Making telephone calls or sending emails
  • Keeping troop records
  • Creating a troop newsletter
  • Assisting with Journey and badge activities

You can also take on an even more exciting role as:

  • Troop leader
  • Troop co-leader
  • Troop treasurer
  • Troop product sale manager
  • Benefits of Parent/Guardian Involvement
Benefits of Parent/Guardian Involvement

There are many benefits when parents are involved with their daughter’s Girl Scout troops. For example:

  • You can provide insight when it comes to planning specific activities
  • You can help ease the workload when asked to become involved
  • You will develop a better understanding of the mission of the Girl Scouts
  • YOU make a great impact in your daughter’s Girl Scout experience by volunteering Connecting with your daughter and her friends
  • Watching girls discover… connect… and take action!