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On behalf of the girls we thank you for your volunteer service over the last year. Your position is a one year appointment, which must be assessed and approved for reappointment. Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida (GSGCF) believes strongly in the volunteer management cycle which allows time for reflection on the accomplishments of the year and provides an opportunity to assess your successes, areas of improvement, and needs to be successful. The process is critical in determining the best volunteer position or assignment suitable for you and your interests. We hope you enjoyed your volunteer experience. If you are interested in being reappointed you MUST complete this form. Re-appointment is also dependent upon adherence to Girl Scouts of the USA and GSGCF policies and standards.

Volunteer Self-Assessment Form

Email address
Phone number
Area Code
Phone Number
Troop number (if applicable)
Service unit (if applicable)
Current volunteer position(s)
What training(s) did you complete this year?
List other training(s) completed this year
What resources do you use?
What additional training(s), resources or support would be helpful to you in your position?
What did you enjoy most about your volunteer experience this year?
What challenges did you experience this year?

If you were affiliated with a troop, also complete the following questions:

How many girls are returning for the new membership year?
What Journey did you complete this year?
What was your Take Action Project?

Did you take photos of your Take Action Project? If so, please upload the photos below.
Upload photo
Upload photo
Upload photo
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Did the girls in your troop experience any other activities?
Briefly describe the activities that your troop participated in this year.
List ways in which you saw girls lead in your troop meeting this year. (Kaper charts, financial awareness, run an activity.)
What are you looking forward to working with the girls on in the coming year(s)?
What would you do differently next year?
Did any girls in the troop leave this year? Why?