that there are 6,400 registered Girl Scouts between the grades of Kindergarten and 12th grade throughout our council? And that there are over 137,000 girls who are just waiting for a chance to join?

Throughout this page you will see tips, ideas, and suggestions on how to host, invite, and engage girls and their families into learning more about Girl Scouts. These are just a ideas to spark your imagination. Let your creativity and passion of the Movement show, which will inspire others to want to join.



  • Use the Recruiter 101 resource as a guide to planning, coordinating, and successfully hosting recruitment events. Tips, data, and scripts will assist all in presenting to parents.
  • Gather parents/caregivers to share your personal volunteer experience, talk about the benefits of being involved in Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout leadership experience.
  • Focus on recruiting qualified adults as volunteer leaders, co-leaders or members of the service unit leadership team.  There are many girls in Kindergarten through 3rd grade in our communities that have not yet been introduced to our amazing Movement.
  • Service unit events must be pre-approved by the service unit team and membership specialist as part of their plan of work.  Individual troops seeking additional recruitment opportunities are encouraged to reach out to their service unit team for guidance.
  • Use the Event Guide to help plan and coordinate all events/activities.  Keep activities easy and fun for all families to enjoy!

Want to help girls in
community get involved?

Personal invitations are the best. Use the girl invitation template as a fun way for girls to invite friends and classmates to a troop meeting or recruitment event. Inviting caring adults that are interested in becoming troop leaders to a troop meeting is a great way to have them see how they can get connected.

There are tons of ways to help grow Girl Scouts!

Service unit events are a great place to grow Girl Scouts!

The service unit helps to build girls with courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.

Here are five ideas for fun and easy activities to engage girls druing a recruitment event.