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2021 Gold Award Girl Scouts

The Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award that Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can earn. A project must involve a minimum of 80 hours and include the following steps: identifying an issue, investigating it thoroughly, getting help and building a team, creating a plan, presenting the plan, gathering feedback, taking action, and educating and inspiring others. It is more than just a good service project—it encompasses organizational, leadership, and networking skills.

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Burdette Jessica

Jessica Burdette: Inspired to Read

Jessica wanted to reignite a love of reading among elementary school children by making interesting and engaging books accessible to all kids. She teamed up with a local elementary school to build a self-sustainable library that lets students take a book whenever they want to read themselves or with family. Jessica reached out to businesses throughout her community to gather book donations to stock the library. She plans to create a network of little libraries throughout her community with the hopes of spreading her love of reading.


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Campbell Mary

Mary Campbell: Mobile Library for Homeless Families

Mary wanted to create a special space for homeless children to escape into the world of books. She partnered with Family Promise to create a mobile library for homeless families. Through community donations, Mary was able to obtain furniture and collect over 700 books to include in the mobile library. She hopes her project will give homeless families consistent access to reading materials by making them easily accessible through the shelter. 


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Caruso Catarina

Catarina Caruso: Gifts for Golisano

After volunteering for the Golisano Children’s Hospital of South Florida, Catarina wanted to provide more reading resources to patients. She hosted two book drives where she was able to collect almost 1,000 children’s books to donate to the Child Life Department at Golisano Children’s Hospital. In addition to the book drives, Catarina created a YouTube channel called “Gifts for Golisano,” where she uploaded 21 audiobook recordings created by the members of National English Honors Society and her Girl Scout Troop.


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Jeannine Castro

Jeannine Castro: Smiles are Contagious

When Jeannine saw how isolating the COVID-19 quarantine was for her Girl Scout sisters, she wanted to create a fun and educational virtual program for them. She hosted free virtual circus webinars where girls and their families learned circus skills, clown makeup, silly skits, juggling, balloon animal making, lyra, and much more. At the end of her program, she sent out circus boxes to all the girls who participated so that they could share the new skills they learned with friends and family. 


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Craig Julia

Julia Craig: Save the Turtles: Plastic is Not Fantastic

When Julia learned that our society has become reliant on single-use plastics, she took action. Through her Gold Award Project, Julia began documenting her beach clean-ups and created a series of YouTube videos explaining the dangers of single-use plastics on the lifestyle, health, and safety of marine creatures and habitats. Her videos provide viewers with creative alternatives to protect one of the most important ecosystems on our planet: the ocean.


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Flores Crystal

Crystal Flores: Promoting Innovative Solutions to COVID Challenges

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Crystal knew she wanted to help members of her community stay safe. She partnered with Kiwanis of Northside Naples to distribute clear masks to local pre-kindergarten and elementary students, interviewed members of the Health Department to design and distribute informative flyers at local assisted living facilities, and created “Thank You” posters to display at vaccination sites.


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Henning Abigail

Abigail Henning: Walls of Wisdom

Abigail wanted to tackle the self-esteem and friendship problems faced by nearly every middle-schooler. Abigail organized teams of student volunteers to paint inspirational quotes on the halls of her local middle school. She also worked with the school’s guidance counselor to create informational pamphlets on mental health and ways to manage stress. After seeing the positive affect the walls of wisdom have had on students, the school is considering expanding her project in future years.


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Johnson Sadie

Sadie Johnson: It is Your Business!

Sadie wanted to inspire young female students to learn more about finance and entrepreneurship. Through her Gold Award project, she led an entrepreneurship workshop for girls to brainstorm and pitch business ideas, learn how to create a business and marketing plan, and open a business in their school’s cafeteria. 


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Kafka Hana

Hana Kaffka: Express Yourself Art Gallery

As an artist herself, Hana saw the negative impact that the COVID-19 pandemic was having on the art community. She wanted to give young artists impacted by the pandemic a place to express themselves through art shows and other presentations. Hana developed a virtual art gallery, where young creators could spread their name and show their work in a safe environment.


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Kovacs Allarie

Allarie Kovacs: Elevate and Educate

Promoting self-love and inclusivity has always been important to Allarie. Through her Gold Award project, she wanted to find a way to speak openly and honestly with young girls affected by negative body image. Allarie developed and hosted in-person and virtual workshops, with Girl Scout troops, that taught how to have a positive relationship with social media, peers, and themselves. She also incorporated a self-designed “Confidence is Key” patch for Girl Scouts to wear after completing the workshop.


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Mentillo Makensy

Makensy Mentillo: Plant-a-Plant

Makensy used her love of the environment to build her Gold Award project. She partnered with her local elementary school to build a butterfly garden to educate students about the importance of pollination between plants and butterflies. Makensy led students through a gardening workshop to build the in-school garden, and created an educational video explaining the gardening process and the benefits it serves the environment.


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Murphy Cameron

Cameron Murphy: Sensory Treasure Box

After volunteering as a counselor-in-training at a camp for children with disabilities, Cameron wanted to introduce the calming of sensory triggers to children at camp. She partnered with Dream Oaks Camp and developed a sensory treasure box to encourage children with sensory processing disorders to transition more smoothly from one activity to another.


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Coral R

Coral Rodriguez: #HowToUpgrade

When Coral realized how little preparation or advice is given to middle school students entering high school, she took action. Coral created an online platform to help middle school girls feel more comfortable and prepared to transition to high school. Her website is a safe space to share advice, support, and resources to girls navigating through high school. Coral also presented a virtual workshop on social media safety.


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Rosenthal Paige

Paige Rosenthal: The Math Path 

Paige chose to focus her Gold Award project around STEM to help middle school students find their love of math. She partnered with her local middle school and created a digital resource bank as well as physical materials based on 5th grade standards for students who need extra math practice and resources. She is happy to see that students have become more excited to practice math and absorb information, building basic math skills that are essential for future education and career goals.


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Shannon Emi

Emi Shannon: Woof Skills

Emi’s Gold Award Project was driven by her passion for entrepreneurship and American Sign Language. She created a dog treat business for deaf Life Skills students at her high school, teaching them valuable business and economic skills they’ll use when employed in the future. She created instructional videos utilizing American Sign Language, informational worksheets, and Woof Skills Facebook and Instagram pages for students to use to promote the business.


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Shepard Sydney

Sydney Shepard: The Silver Flower

After Sydney’s grandfather began living in a retirement home, she saw that there was a lack of hands-on activities for residents. Sydney created an outdoor gardening club at a local retirement community to bring residents independence, happiness, and more social connection. She also designed and built portable planter boxes for residents to build their new garden.


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Townsend Olivia

Olivia Townsend: Guide to Adulting

Throughout high school, Olivia noticed many teens struggling to transition into adulthood with no knowledge of crucial life skills, such as how to change a tire, manage a bank account, or write a resume. Through her Gold Award project, she created the Guide to Adulting, a website where teens can find a variety of informational classes on finance, automotive maintenance, career skills, and other topics often not taught in school. 


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