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2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program Key Dates
  • January 3  Cookie program begins; Digital Cookie opens; eBudde system available to input orders

  • January 12  Digital Cookie girl-delivered pauses

  • January 13, 9:00 p.m.  Deadline for troops to input initial cookie orders into eBudde; deadline for troops to input ACH information into eBudde

  • January 17  Digital Cookie girl-delivered resumes

  • January 29  Council-wide cookie pick-up day

  • January 30—February 7  Cookies on the spot: in-person sales begin

  • January 21—February 3  Cookie Cupboard Deliveries; cupboards will open after delivery

  • February 04  Cookie booths begin

  • February 15  First ACH—$1.50 per box of cookies ordered on initial order

  • February 18—20  National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

  • March 06  Cookie program ends at midnight

  • March 11, 9:00 p.m.  Deadline to collect money from girls; deadline for troops to submit final rewards orders in eBudde. Final troop cookie report due

  • March 15  Final ACH cookie payment due to council

  • March 31  Deadline for troops to report unpaid funds

  • Summer 2022  Due to ongoing global supply chain interruptions, reward delivery timeframe cannot be guaranteed

Cookie FAQ's

Who do I call if I have questions or need help?

If you have questions about the Girl Scout cookie program, please contact your SU cookie coordinator. You may also contact the council’s customer care team at with subject line “Cookie Questions” for additional assistance.

Who sets the price of the cookies?

The council board of directors makes the final decision on the price per package of our cookies. They receive input from volunteers, staff, our baker partners, and the community. 

How many packages are there in a case of cookies?

There are 12 packages in each case of cookies. 

What is the cookie entrepreneur family pin? How can girls earn it?

Each year girls have the opportunity to work with their family to earn the cookie entrepreneur family pin. Details on all the pins and how to earn them can be found at

How do I get more cookies for my troop?

Additional cookies can be picked up at Cookie Cupboards. Many service units host their own, and they all have different ways to place orders. Information on how to schedule your pickup from your local Cookie Cupboards will be provided before cupboards open.

What if I need just one or two more packages, not a whole case? How can I find these cookies?

Check out the eBudde Cookie Exchange and your SU Facebook page. Chances are there is another troop who will happily transfer the cookies to you. Your SU cookie coordinator can also help you find another troop with extra cookies and complete a troop transfer. 

What do I do if I have too many cookies?

Contact your SU cookie coordinator right away! They can help you list your cookies on the eBudde Cookie Exchange and transfer your excess cookies to other troops in your service unit that need more. Don’t delay—it’s easiest to transfer cookies early in the sale. Remember, if you are not able to transfer the cookies or sell them, your troop will have to absorb the cost of the cookies. Troops are responsible to pay for all cookies picked up. 

When will we get our rewards?

Your SU cookie coordinator will receive the patches and rewards for your service unit by early May. Make arrangements to pick up these items and distribute them to your troop prior to your final meeting. Electronic rewards will be mailed directly to the girls who earn them. Cookie Credits and invitations to earned events will be issued directly to each girl via email.

Where do cookie patches go on the uniform?

Cookie patches are worn on the back of each girl’s uniform. Financial literacy badges and cookie pins are worn on the front.

Do I need to input additional cookie pickups into eBudde?

If the order was placed via Pending Orders, it is automatically recorded in eBudde. If you did not use Pending Orders, you will need to enter your additional cookie pickups into eBudde, using the information on your receipt. Please enter all additional pickups within 48 hours. Council staff will verify your entry with paperwork from the warehouses and will make corrections as needed

What happens if a parent/caregiver in my troop doesn’t pay for the cookies his/her Girl Scout sold?

Complete the Unpaid Funds form and submit it directly to GSGCF to report the unpaid funds. The council will attempt to collect the funds on behalf of your troop. 

What if a customer has a complaint about the cookies they’ve purchased?

Please direct them to contact Little Brownie Bakers directly at 1-800-962-1718. This information can also be found on the side of every package of cookies. Due to COVID-19, we are asking that troops do not accept back packages of cookies. 

My troop has cookies left over at the end of the program. What can I do with them?

Remember, the troop pays for every package of cookies picked up, regardless of whether they were sold or not. Contact your SU cookie coordinator to try and transfer the cookies to another troop. If that’s not possible, consider donating the cookies to a local charity or nonprofit organization as a Gift of Caring service project. You can purchase Gift of Caring patches at for your troop. If all else fails, leftover cookies make great snacks for troop meetings, travel, celebrations, and camping trips.

Why can’t we have a cash donations jar at our cookie booths?

The GSGCF and GSUSA policies state that troops cannot solicit donations, and a cash donations jar is considered soliciting donations. Troops may, however, place a jar that is explicitly labelled as “Hometown Heroes” on their table. Any funds collected from this jar must be converted to Hometown Hero cookies.

Troops may also accept donations that are offered from individuals as long as the donations do not exceed $250. Please remember that neither troops nor the council can provide a tax letter for gifts received at a cookie booth because individual troops do not qualify as nonprofit entities under US tax law. 

Where can I find documentation for donation cookies?

Please visit for resources that can be printed to share with customers who would like proof they purchased donated cookies.

What if a customer would like to donate funds for a specific purpose, like sending a girl to camp?

Please refer those customers to the council staff. We can make sure that the customer’s donation is used per their request as well as make sure they receive the appropriate tax documentation for their gift. 

I know some great locations for cookie booths! How can I set up a booth at these spots?

Great! Share your suggestions with your SU cookie coordinator so she can contact these stores and they can be added to your SU cookie booth lottery. Only the SU cookie coordinator is authorized to make arrangements for cookie booths. 

I have parents/caregivers in my troop who work in/own retail locations. Can my troop set up a booth at their store? What if the booth is inside the store, not outside?

Let your SU cookie coordinator know about the opportunity to set up booths at these retail locations. They can advise if the opportunity would qualify for a pop-up booth location or if they need to be placed into the booth lottery system.

Who can work a cookie booth with girls?

Two adults must be present at each cookie booth, and at least one of them must be a registered member with a background check on file. 

How many people can be at a cookie booth?

This year, all traditional cookie booths should have no more than two girls and two adults at them. Drive-thru and pop-up booths do not have this limit so long as they are able to maintain social distancing.

Can a parent/caregiver work a cookie booth with only her Girl Scout?

Yes! These booths are called “Lemon-Up Stands.” For Lemon-Up stands, the parent/caregiver does not need to be registered and background checked.

Keep in mind that most girls do have a better experience while selling cookies when partnered with a fellow Girl Scout. A key piece to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is girls working together. Make sure all girls are engaged with other girls throughout the program in planning, marketing, and coordinating their sales.

Additionally, girls must always be involved in the ask of the sale and cookie booths must not be run solely by an adult. Cookie booths that are managed by only one girl will need to “go on break” if the girl needs to take one.

What can Cookie Credits be used for?

Cookie Credits can be used to pay for Girl Scout membership or pay for council programs, including service unit events. 

What if I lose my Cookie Credit information?

To request your information, contact customer care at

Is there a deadline to spend Cookie Credits?

As long as a girl maintains an active membership with GSGCF, her Cookie Credits will not expire until she has graduated.

How do we redeem Cookie Credits?

Complete the Cookie Credits Redemption Form:

Once the form is received and processed, a check will be mailed to the troop from the council. We are unable to issue payment directly to individuals. Checks are mailed during out next check cycle. It is recommended that troops submit Cookie Dough Redemption Forms at least one month in advance of when the funds are needed.

In the case of troop travel, please fill out the Cookie Credit for Travel Form:

Are cookie rewards cumulative?

Yes! All cookie rewards are cumulative, including patches and rewards for 1000+ entrepreneurs. The only item that is not cumulative is a girl’s bar patch. Girls who sell 300+ packages earn one bar patch for the highest level of sales achieved. 

What if a girl cannot participate in the reward she has earned (such as Cookie Camp)? Will an alternate reward be offered?

Unfortunately, no. We understand that families have busy schedules and try to share the dates of reward events as far in advance as possible. However, in order to be consistent with GSUSA and IRS rewards guidelines, we cannot offer alternate rewards for girls who miss an event. 

A girl in my troop has earned an electronic item, but she would prefer to have something else. Can she get a gift card instead?

Unfortunately, no. GSUSA and the IRS have firm guidelines on what we may offer girls as rewards for their participation in the cookie program. In keeping with those guidelines, we cannot offer alternate prizes or gift cards. 

My troop would like to see other items offered as rewards for the Girl Scout cookie program. How can we provide input?

We rely on input from girls, parents/caretakers, and volunteers to determine each year’s cookie rewards, and we would love your input! Please share your ideas in the Troop Cookie Manager Survey or contact the council product program staff to provide suggestions. Keep an eye on GSGCF social media in June for a survey where girls and adults can vote on next year’s rewards!

Learn more about the Girl Scout Cookie Program at