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Fall into fun with Girl Scouts

Save the date and join us for

good old-fashioned fall festivities!

Twice the opportunity, two locations, double the fun!


October 10  |  10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Camp Honi Hanta in Manatee County
November 7  |  10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 
Camp Caloosa in Lee County

Together with our amazing program partners and sponsors, take a journey through camp and enjoy your choice of hands-on activities and experiences. There will be something of interest for all ages!

We are excited to recognize our Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award recipients, families, and guests at the inaugural Fall into Fun event as a VIP!

There is a planned VIP reception area, and other benefits. Please submit this form to reserve a VIP pass for those who achieved a highest award and help us plan to accommodate the number attending.

This event is open to everyone.
Bring your family, friends, and neighbors!


Event Program Activities
  • Flying Ghost Stomp Rockets - Use your feet to launch ghost rockets into the air. Will your ghost fly higher than the rest?

  • Slime Laboratory - Put on a white lab coat, make slime and take it with you to your home laboratory.

  • Harvest S.W.A.P.S. (Shared With A Pal) - These cherished Girl Scout traditions are handmade and used to “swap” or share whenever you meet a new Girl Scout friend. Our three swap stations are: Pumpkin Pie Slice SWAP, Mini Cornhusk SWAP, and Pumpkin Spice Latte SWAP.

  • Corny Campfire Sing-Along - Take a seat around the campfire and join new friends while learning Girl Scout songs.

  • Batty Paper Airplanes -  Use our tried and true paper airplane design to build your own flying bat creation and see how far it can fly.

  • Swamp Creature Fishing - Learn how to cast and catch different creatures using fishing poles in our hidden swamp. 

  • Frankenstein Walk - Using trolleys from our challenge course, you and your team will stand on these long boards, equipped with rope handles and navigate walking on them together. Will your team win the race, or stumble off? Either way, you’ll have a howling good time!

  • Scarecrow Scramble - How fast can you and your family or friends dress our scarecrows? Pick your favorite scarecrow outfit from our sports themed wardrobe, scramble to dress your scarecrow while being timed, and take pictures with your finally dressed scarecrow model.

  • Broomstick Race - Make a broomstick and ride it in a witchy race. All participants will get to take their broomstick home.

  • Haunted Trail - Are you brave enough to walk through our haunted trail? Grab your friends and family and join us on this Halloween inspired camp trail.
Event Vendors
  • Tampa Bay Lightning - (Honi, possibly Caloosa)

  • Myakka Elephant Ranch, Elephant Spa and Conservation Center - (Honi, possibly Caloosa)

  • Peace River Wildlife Center - (Caloosa, possibly Honi)

  • Experience Daliona Sidewalk Science Center - (both camps)

  • Nailed it DIY, Sarasota - (Honi)

  • Conservation Foundation - (Caloosa)
And many more!
Fall Into Fun Pumpkin Art Contest
Join our inaugural pumpkin art contest!

Sign-up HERE by the listed deadlines below.

Deadline to sign-up for Camp Honi Hanta - 10/1/21
Deadline to sign-up for Camp Caloosa - 11/1/21

  • May be an individual entry or a group entry.
  • You may submit an entry at both or either events. However, you must submit a different pumpkin for each. GSGCF will not store and transport your pumpkin between events.
  • Paint a pumpkin of any size.
  • Pumpkins may be joined together in a scene.
  • Pumpkins may not be carved.
  • Pumpkin design should be family-friendly. GSGCF reserves the right to withhold any pumpkins deemed inappropriate from display.
  • Drop off your pumpkin the day prior to the event (details will be provided)
  • Fall Into Fun attendees will vote on entries.
  • Voting will end at 2:00 p.m. on event day and winners will be announced at 2:30 p.m.
  • Pumpkin pick-up immediately following award ceremony.


1st Prize - Gold Pumpkin medal & Gift Card
2nd & 3rd Prize - Pumpkin medal


Interested in becoming a vendor or program partner? Please complete THIS FORM.

For questions about the event or to sponsor,
please contact Patricia Ramthun.

For questions to become a program partner,
please contact Kelly McGraw.