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Brownie Program Ideas

Program Ideas and Adaptations for Brownies

This year, your Brownies will explore their world and discover just how far they’ll go with their Girl Scout sisters by their side! Inspire them to dream big with these fun and easy badges, Journeys, and activities, adapted for both virtual and safe in-person meetings. We’ll be adding content throughout the year, so bookmark this page and check back often!

How to use these resources:
Girl Scout Way Badge

Brownies learn all about the Girl Scout traditions and how to share the Girl Scout way. 


When girls have earned this badge, they’ll know how to practice and share the Girl Scout way.


1. Sing everywhere
2. Celebrate Juliette Low's birthday
3. Share sisterhood
4. Leave a place better than you found it
5. Enjoy Girl Scout traditions


  • Video demonstration: Watch a volunteer lead Step 3 of this badge.
Coding Basics Badge

Brownies find out how computer scientists write programs for computers to solve problems.


When girls have earned this badge, they’ll know how programmers write programs that make computers work and how people can use computers to help others.


1. Create algorithms for a computer that follow a sequence
2. Use loops to improve your algorithm
3. Use events to make things happen
4. Learn about women in computer science
5. Create your own set of commands that use events


  • Video demonstration: Watch a volunteer lead Step 1 of this badge.
Democracy for Brownies Badge

Brownies find out how people in the government decide what rules are made and how they are followed. 


When girls have earned this badge, they’ll know the three branches of government—and some of the things they are responsible for.


1. Find out about local government
2. Find out about state government
3. Find out about our country’s legislative branch
4. Find out about our country’s executive branch
5. Find out about our country’s judicial branch


  • Video demonstration: Watch a volunteer lead the Sunny petal.
Brownie Badge in a Box Program
Badge in a Box

Designed to make earning a Girl Scout badge stress-free, the Badge in a Box program is curated to include almost everything you need to complete a badge- with easy to follow instructions, supplies, and even ways to make the experience girl-led!

Volunteers can order multiple kits for their troop or individuals can order kits for their girl. You can enjoy the activities at home, during a troop meeting in-person, or even during a virtual troop meeting.

Brownie Bugs Badge
Brownie Bugs Badge

Brownies get an opportunity to become a backyard detective while investigating bugs. Create a bug craft and enjoy a scavenger hunt. Fun patch included. (Pairs well with the Daisy Eco Learner badge kit for multi-level experiences.)

Brownie Racecar Design Challenge Badge
Brownie Racecar Design Challenge Badge

Brownies learn the basics of engineering a racecar and test their new design! Includes a fun patch.  (Pairs well with the Daisy Model Car design badge kit for multi-level experiences.)

Brownie Painting Badge

Brownie Painting Badge

Explore famous painters, try your hand at different styles of  painting, and create your own masterpieces! 



Kits will only be shipped within the contiguous United States. Kits shipped outside of our council incur an additional shipping cost.

Troop volunteers may order kits for girls in their troop to be shipped to each girl's address or may order multiple kits to be shipped to a single address.

Individual families may order kits to be shipped to their home.

Should you wish to order a single kit, please use the INDIVIDUAL ORDERS form found here.

Should you wish to order TWO or more kits, delivered to the same address, please use the GROUP ORDERS found here


Coming in November 2020

  • Meet My Customers
  • Cookie Family Meeting
  • Think Like an Engineer Journey

Coming in February 2021

  • Pets
  • STEM Career Exploration
  • Hiker
  • World Thinking Day

Find even more adapted activities in the Volunteer Toolkit—just look for the “Virtual” icon! Browse Award and Badge Explorer to see all of the badges, Journeys, and awards that will excite your Brownies!