Kitchen Safety Training at Camp Honi Hanta (Bradenton)
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Date: Tue Jun 25, 6:30 PM EDT - Tue Jun 25, 7:30 PM EDT
  • Adult Training
  • Volunteers

The kitchen at Camp Honi Hanta may be reserved in advance and used for service unit and/or special events. In order to use the kitchen, volunteers must first complete this Kitchen Safety Training Course.

This Kitchen Safety Training will prepare participants in:

  • Basic safe food handling procedures, including refrigeration and cooking temperatures.
  • Proper procedures for the use, care, and sanitation of all kitchen equipment.
  • Proper dishwashing procedures.
  • Proper disposal of trash and unused food items.
  • Closing procedures

This course requires a minimum of 4 participants. There is no cost to attend this training.


Registration closes 06/20/2024. Refunds and cancellations cannot be processed after 06/20/2024. 


All cancellation and refund requests must be received in writing by 06/20/2024 at