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2020 Gold Award Girl Scouts

The Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award that Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can earn. A project must involve a minimum of 80 hours and include the following steps: identifying an issue, investigating it thoroughly, getting help and building a team, creating a plan, presenting the plan, gathering feedback, taking action, and educating and inspiring others. It is more than just a good service project—it encompasses organizational, leadership, and networking skills.

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Jordyn Chiodo

Jordyn C. – You’ve Got Mail

Troop 303

Jordyn wanted to make an impact when she heard that those in assisted living and nursing homes do not get the interaction they need. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, it became even more apparent that residents were at an even higher risk of depression and becoming withdrawn. She created letter-writing kits for residents of assisted living facilities and nursing homes to keep them connected to family and friends. Jordyn plans to continue creating and donating the kits in the future.


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Caroline C. – Girls Take a Stand

Troop 376

Caroline’s high school sailing center was in need of some major help. Twenty boats used by students were at risk of being damaged or destroyed, and needed all-weather stands to support and raise them off the ground. Caroline took action by designing and building stands to raise the bow of the boats high enough to prevent damage and prevent water from pooling up, which creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The materials used are designed to withstand Southwest Florida heat and rains, and will provide decades of safe storage for the boats.


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Madison Craumer

Madison C. – We Garden, Dine, and Grow Together

Troop 772

During her senior year, Madison wanted to create a safe space that promoted social-emotional learning and inclusion among her peers. She ignited a movement of school pride by bringing a diverse group of students together to build a “deconstructed garden" green space. Madison mobilized her We Dine Together club and other peers from her school and community to fundraise, network, budget, plan, design, and build structures. Her team also chose vegetables, herbs, and flowering plants, and worked together to create their school’s first ever Friendship Garden. Volunteers have already begun stepping up to lead ongoing maintenance work for the sustainable garden.


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Savannah Duff

Savannah D. – Music for Memory

Troop 376

When Savannah heard that a growing number of elderly patients in memory care facilities spend the majority of their time with limited interaction, she wanted to take action. After doing some research, she found that listening to nostalgic music can help trigger the memory of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Savannah formed relationships with retirement communities in her area and organized five performances for memory care residents. She and a small group of musicians played arrangements of old hits by artists like the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Frankie Valli, and many others, stimulating residents’ memories. Recordings of the performances were donated to memory care facilities in Fort Myers, and Savannah plans to organize more performances in the future.


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Abriel Gable

Abriel G. – #PlasticAwareness101

Troop 361

When Abriel learned about the damaging effects that plastic has on waterways and the environment as a whole, she wanted to take action. She created a special Facebook page to run an awareness campaign that educates boaters, fishermen, and her community on ways to recycle properly. Abriel also held beach clean-ups where she gathered over 65 pounds of recyclable trash. She plans to continue moderating the Facebook page, and she adopted a portion of shoreline in Manatee county for future clean-ups.


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Melissa Gonzalez

Melissa G. – There’s No Excuse

Troop 633

Melissa wanted to show survivors of sexual abuse and those who know friends or family who have been abused that there is help and there is hope. She obtained a grant from United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades, and Okeechobee Counties, and used the funds to create a blog with resources for victims, and to host a seminar that encouraged open and honest conversation surrounding child sexual abuse. Melissa plans to continue the blog so she reach even more survivors and their families.


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Kaylee K. – Bat Houses

Troop 2055

When Kaylee learned that an influx of new construction in her community had led to a major loss of bat habitats, she knew she wanted to take action. Kaylee collected information using online databases at her local library and researched which type of bat houses could make a positive impact on her community’s environment.

She then designed and built the appropriate type of bat houses to sustain the population of bats in her community and installed them in local parks. Kaylee created an educational blog that provides information on the important relationship between bats, humans, and the environment, debunks the common myths people often have about the species, and offers step-by-step instructions on how to build and install your own bat house.

Through her Gold Award project, Kaylee was able to educate her peers on the importance that bats play in our ecosystem, teach them how to build their own bat houses, and lead a group of Girl Scouts in installing bat houses around her local church.


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Brooke Martin

Brooke M. – Promoting Mental Health through Movement

Troop 833

Brooke’s Gold Award project focused on promoting emotional and mental health awareness through movement and dance. After researching the benefits that exercise can have on mental health, she created choreography, planned music, taught dances to teammates, and prepared lessons for workshops to demonstrate how movement through dance can help optimize mood. Brooke was able to build and bring her workshop to people of all ages, from students as young as age four, to senior citizens living in assisted living facilities. Brooke’s high school dance team will be continuing the project as part of their ongoing community involvement.


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Emery Muller

Emery M. – Bright Beginnings Video Project

Troop 574

Emery stepped up to help Grace Place in Naples, a family literacy center that provides pathways out of poverty through education, to gain greater public awareness. After discovering that families were either unaware of the importance of early childhood education, or of the resources that Grace Place has to offer, Emery used her cinematographic skills to create an orientation video to introduce families to the organization’s Bright Beginnings Program. Her video includes a voiceover that is available in English, Spanish, and Creole so that incoming students and their families face no language barriers when learning what Grace Place and the Bright Beginnings Program offers.


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Alyssa Papol

Alyssa P. – A Walk for a Healthy Mind

Troop 1611

When Alyssa learned that many children have a hard time focusing in class, she wanted to educate teachers about the importance of giving elementary students breaks throughout the school day. Alyssa received approval to install a sensory walk at her local elementary school and taught teachers and students about its benefits and how to take sensory-based breaks to relieve stress and anxiety. Based on the success of the project, other area schools have begun proposing the adoption of sensory walks for their own students.


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Lily Potter

Lily P. – Vamos Mustangos!

Troop 441

Throughout her high school experience, Lily noticed a significant decline in her school’s physical appearance. She recognized the connection between the aesthetic decline and the degradation of student pride, resulting in a lack of respect for fellow students and administration. Lily took action by pulling together a group of dedicated classmates to beautify the courtyard by clearing out weeds, properly angling the ground, laying weed block, designing and installing a pathway for student use, and laying ground covering materials. The National Honor Society at her school has agreed to set up ongoing clean-ups to keep the courtyard looking its best.


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Isabella Ramirez

Isabella R. – Family Cycle Day - Bike and Pedestrian Safety Training Certification

Troop 376

As a cyclist and new driver, Izzie was surprised to learn that a large number of people are afraid of riding their bikes or walking on busy roads due to safety concerns. She took action to learn the rules of the road and educate her community on the proper ways to share the streets with bikes and pedestrians. Izzie participated in numerous street safety audits and helmet-fitting events, and hosted monthly bike and pedestrian safety events in her community. The program will be incorporated into the afterschool program at the elementary school Izzie attended, with monthly bike rodeos for the students.


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Shavonne Schrickel

Shavonne S. – The Mind of a Quadriplegic

Troop 2055

Shavonne wanted to show her peers that no matter how daunting your obstacles are, you can always overcome them with the right mindset. During her project, she helped a quadriplegic male named Michael who struggled with public speaking to gain confidence through sharing his story. Shavonne filmed her interviews with him and edited the footage into a three-minute video. Michael is able to use this video to share his story while also inspiring others to have hope during their darkest times.


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Kaitlyn Shehorn

Kaitlyn S. – #WhatIsLove

Troop 248

Kaitlyn wanted to raise public awareness of sexual assault and educate her peers on the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. She created her #WhatIsLove campaign and participated in the #30DaysofSAAM to shine a light on the alarming statistics surrounding sexual assault. Kaitlyn provided information on consent, bystander support, and what do to in the event of abuse through her #WhatIsLove educational program video, sustainable website, and social media.